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Give hope, build momentum and share your passion.

According to an extensive study by Gallup, exuding positive energy is the single management characteristic that has the greatest effect on performance. The good news is that it can be learnt. This module will show you how.

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mind gym logoMind Gym brings psychology into workplace learning. Pioneers of a unique, bite-size approach that blends the best consumer marketing techniques with the latest academic discoveries, Mind Gym programs are designed to appeal to individuals’ self-interests to achieve sustained behavior change and improve organizational performance. Mind Gym’s portfolio of over 100 learning interventions have been tried and tested by 1 million people over the world, 96% of which would recommend Mind Gym to a colleague. Mind Gym changes attitudes, builds belief and transforms the capabilities of people at work through our pioneering learning experiences. From delighting customers and selling more, to accelerating change, working more efficiently and coming up with ideas that give you a sneaky advantage, the way your employees think, feel and behave makes a mighty difference.

Who is this course for?

  • Managers at different levels across the organization.

Learning Journey

  • Workout: Vitality

    By focusing on both mental and physical energy levels, it’s possible to feel on top of your game, all the time.
    • The Workout:
      Skipping instead of walking, dancing at the bus stop or singing in the shower; do these behaviors suggest a life full of vitality? Yes, but that’s not all we mean by it.
      Vitality is about a different type of energy. It is about being in the moment (enthused and engaged in what you are doing) and calmly excited (which sounds like a contradiction but exactly the balance needed to last the course). It’s about being mentally alert and physically energized in everything you do.
      Vitality creates an infectious mood that is as sure to win over the cynics as invigorate the evangelists.
    • At the end of this Workout you will have:
      • Found out how to boost your autonomy by knowing what’s within your control.
      • Learnt how to take advantage of your strengths to lift your sense of competence.
      • Understood the importance of being well connected with others around you.
      • Identified what energy boosters you can bring to your team and yourself e.g. high impact meetings.

  • Workout: Motivate

    In order to motivate other people we need to understand what drives them internally and influences them externally.
    • The Workout
      The carrot or the stick?
      Fortunately, scientific research has unearthed more sophisticated techniques for motivating people (although those can still work).
      It doesn’t mean turning into Mr (or Ms) Motivator with an unnatural smile and constant rose-tinted view of the world, or adopting the backslapping bonhomie of the insistent boss-cum-friend. In fact, quite the opposite.
      To motivate someone requires a high level of trust. It also means making the effort to understand what specifically motivates them as individuals and finding out what forces might be getting in the way.
      Equipped with clarity on these matters, there is a wide range of things we can do to help turn the most despondent of souls into the most determined.
    • At the end of this Workout you will have:
      • Tools you can use to motivate yourself and others.
      • Discovered practical techniques you can apply immediately.
      • Anticipated difficult situations and prepared for them.
      • Decided on practical steps you will take to motivate the individuals that you are going to transform into determined dynamos.

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2,400 EGP

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