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From May 15, 2020 10:00 am until May 15, 2020 5:00 pm

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Set the direction of travel, making it clear who is driving which part.

A combination of clear direction, accountability through clear roles and a culture of trust drives
superior business performance.
Motivated employees and guaranteed great results require a manager who can strike the balance between empowering their team and stepping in to personally make things happen.

About the Affiliation

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Who is this course for?

  • Managers at different levels across the organization.

Learning Journey

  • Workout: Dynamic delegation

    We can adapt the tactics we use to delegate successfully in a style that motivates the person we’re working with.
    • The Workout:
      The delegator’s dilemma: shall I do it myself or give it to someone else?
      Often we think it will be quicker, easier and more likely to be done properly first time if we do it ourselves. And then we wonder why we’re always so busy and surrounded by less competent people.
      We may also ask why our bosses appear reluctant to trust us with senior leadership roles.
      And so the short-term gain of getting on with something ourselves can lead to the long-term pain of being over-worked and over-taken by people who used to work for us (and didn’t enjoy it much either).
      Equally, slap-dash delegation can be even worse with distressed teams, half-finished work and busted deadlines. What to do?
      Dynamic delegation is a system that helps us get the right mix of laissez-faire, guidance, communication and direction so that we can equip others to excel at things that would otherwise be left to us. It may not be easy but for anyone in a leadership role it’s certainly worth it.
    • At the end of this Workout you will have:
      • Understood different styles of delegation.
      • Learnt to recognize when to pull in the delegation reins without damaging confidence or destroying relationships.
      • Become ready to put in place ways to learn from experience and so constantly become more dynamic with your delegation.
      • Identified thoughts and feelings that prevent you from delegating and felt confident you can overcome them.

  • Workout: Goal setting

    Set goals that will stretch your team members and motivate them to perform at their best.
    • The Workout
      It’s nothing new to hear that we should be setting ourselves goals. Whether it involves running machines or work promotions, we know that to get something done we need to have an aim and know what we’re working towards.
      Sticking to the goals we’ve set ourselves can be hard enough, putting your feet up can feel so much more tempting than heading out for a jog. But getting our team members to stick to goals they’ve been set can be even harder.
      If we set goals too low, our team won’t achieve its potential; but if we set them too high, they’ll lose motivation at a rate of knots.
      This Workout explores the techniques and tricks to setting goals at just the right level – these goals will stretch and test our team without stressing them, and develop a stronger sense of commitment to achieving their objectives.
    • At the end of this Workout you will have:
      • Learnt how to set individual goals that are stretching and aligned with those of your organization.
      • Picked up tips on how to get buy-in from your team members.
      • Practiced how to deal with any obstacles that you may encounter in the future.

Course Fees

2,400 EGP

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