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From March 26, 2020 10:00 am until March 26, 2020 5:00 pm

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mind gym logoMind Gym brings psychology into workplace learning. Pioneers of a unique, bite-size approach that blends the best consumer marketing techniques with the latest academic discoveries, Mind Gym programs are designed to appeal to individuals’ self-interests to achieve sustained behavior change and improve organizational performance. Mind Gym’s portfolio of over 100 learning interventions have been tried and tested by 1 million people over the world, 96% of which would recommend Mind Gym to a colleague. Mind Gym changes attitudes, builds belief and transforms the capabilities of people at work through our pioneering learning experiences. From delighting customers and selling more, to accelerating change, working more efficiently and coming up with ideas that give you a sneaky advantage, the way your employees think, feel and behave makes a mighty difference.

Who is this course for?

  • Managers at different levels across the organization.

Learning Journey

      1. Workout: Make it Matter

        Help other people see how and why their work matters so they’re proud to say what they do.

        The Workout: When individuals feel that the work they do matters, they are more engaged, motivated to perform, and satisfied. There are practical things managers can do to help team members find and connect to more purpose in their roles and understand why their work matters, whatever it is they’re doing.
        Understand the practical things you can do to help your team understand why their work matters and connect them to it more each day; intrinsically motivating them where possible, and ultimately increasing performance.

        At the end of this Workout you will have:

        • Discover why purpose is such an important motivator of human behavior.
        • Consider what ‘purpose’ really means at four different levels.
        • Learn how to uncover what gets each team member out of bed in the morning.
        • Plan how to create a sense of purpose for their team day-to-day.

      2. Workout: Performance Management – Why Bother?

        When it comes to transforming performance, there is a magic bullet. It’s called performance management. No successful organization can be without it. Even better, it doesn’t cost a penny.

        The Workout: If your business isn’t flying quite as high as the competition, performance management is one thing you need to fix. Get it right and the return on the rest of your people investment will multiply. Fail to make it robust and all the fanciest talent, leadership and graduate programs in the world won’t make a penny worth of difference in 6 months’ time.
        But first you need to make the case to your managers. Performance management too often feels like just one other burden they need to carry.
        This Workout reminds managers of the massive upside to performance management, the key skills involved, and how doing it properly will mean that their team takes ownership of their career.

        At the end of this Workout you will have:

        • Thought through the pay off of performance management.
        • Explored the essential ingredients of great performance management.
        • Appreciated that it is an ongoing conversation.
        • Found out what needs to be in place for each of your team members to feel motivated.
        • Understood when to delegate, coach or guide.

Course Fees

2,400 EGP

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