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From April 26, 2020 10:00 am until April 26, 2020 5:00 pm

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mind gym logoMind Gym brings psychology into workplace learning. Pioneers of a unique, bite-size approach that blends the best consumer marketing techniques with the latest academic discoveries, Mind Gym programs are designed to appeal to individuals’ self-interests to achieve sustained behavior change and improve organizational performance. Mind Gym’s portfolio of over 100 learning interventions have been tried and tested by 1 million people over the world, 96% of which would recommend Mind Gym to a colleague. Mind Gym changes attitudes, builds belief and transforms the capabilities of people at work through our pioneering learning experiences. From delighting customers and selling more, to accelerating change, working more efficiently and coming up with ideas that give you a sneaky advantage, the way your employees think, feel and behave makes a mighty difference.

Who is this course for?

  • Managers at different levels across the organization.

Learning Journey

      1. Workout: Goal Getting

        Know how to set the right kind of goals for yourself and help others to improve performance.

        The Workout: Setting goals can be like making a soufflé. Cook too little and the soufflé is raw, but leave it in the oven for too long and the soufflé will collapse under its own weight.
        Similarly, if we set ourselves goals that are too easy, we are unlikely to do anything very differently. We will drift along and, according to the academic research, we are less likely to feel fulfilled, motivated or that our life has direction. But make the goals too tough and we either give up almost as soon as we’ve started or collapse under the pressure of trying to achieve the impossible.
        Great goals help us lead great lives. Setting goals that work for us (as well as our company) is not easy but there are techniques that can help.

        At the end of this Workout you will have:

        • Become able to set yourself goals that stretch but don’t strain.
        • Recognized the different types of goal that you can use and how to get the right mix for you, now.
        • Discovered when and how to make goals measurable.
        • Become happy about refreshing goals as circumstances change.
        • Knowledge of how to help other people set goals that work for them (and maybe for you too).

      2. Workout: Peak Performance

        Being good is easy but being great takes effort. By using these techniques you can overcome the blocks stopping you from improvements and reach your peak performance while taking your team with you.

        The Workout: Someone in your team is competent, reliable, dedicated and popular to work with.
        They can carry on doing their current job in much the same way and no one will complain, in fact most people will be relieved or even delighted.
        However, this person is under-delivering against their potential. With the right guidance, motivation and faith from you they could achieve a great deal more, both in their current role and with challenges that neither you nor they can yet foresee.
        Helping people to deliver at the peak of their potential may not win instant friends, but it will build loyalty, trust and high performance. It will also make you a magnet for talented people who want to grow.
        Do you have the courage and the appetite to make a good person great? And, if you have the will, do you know the way?

        At the end of this Workout you will have:

        • Discovered the difference between good and great.
        • Explored a simple model aimed at outlining how to achieve great performance.
        • Practiced incorporating these new techniques into your personal approach.
        • Explored potential blocks to future improvements and ways to overcome these.

Course Fees

2,400 EGP

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