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From June 22, 2020 10:00 am until June 22, 2020 5:00 pm

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mind gym logoMind Gym brings psychology into workplace learning. Pioneers of a unique, bite-size approach that blends the best consumer marketing techniques with the latest academic discoveries, Mind Gym programs are designed to appeal to individuals’ self-interests to achieve sustained behavior change and improve organizational performance. Mind Gym’s portfolio of over 100 learning interventions have been tried and tested by 1 million people over the world, 96% of which would recommend Mind Gym to a colleague. Mind Gym changes attitudes, builds belief and transforms the capabilities of people at work through our pioneering learning experiences. From delighting customers and selling more, to accelerating change, working more efficiently and coming up with ideas that give you a sneaky advantage, the way your employees think, feel and behave makes a mighty difference.

Who is this course for?

  • Managers at different levels across the organization.

Learning Journey

      1. Workout: Unleash your creativity

        Help your team to take ownership for their own best performance so you can watch them shine without the fear of it all going wrong.

        The Workout: Managers who enable individuals to take more ownership and responsibility for their performance day-to-day see greater results throughout the performance cycle. True accountability is when individuals want to be at their best, and drive their own performance.
        Create an environment that sets your team up to perform year round, and pay the right level of attention to keep them on track.

        At the end of this Workout you will have:

        • Understand the difference between holding to account and creating an accountable team
        • Consider how to set clear and realistic expectations that motivate performance Plan how they’ll support your team to be at their best throughout the performance cycle
        • Learn how to get your team back on track after a setback, without leaving scars

      2. Workout: Great Feedback

        We explore how we can use positive and negative feedback to reinforce or change the behavior of others, and learn about the rebuttals faced upon delivering feedback.

        The Workout: Feedback is the vitamin of change. Without it things tend to carry on much as they did before. With it, we can transform performance and accelerate the introduction of improvements with a pace and depth that few other tools at our disposal can provide. Giving great feedback doesn’t mean being nice all the time. On the contrary, it means being honest, clear and specific. It also means giving feedback frequently, which is more likely to be several times a day than once a month.
        This Workout provides tools and techniques to give feedback that helps people succeed, transforms performance, can improve your relationship with them and doesn’t take up too much time. If there are people you work or live with behaving in ways you consider counter-productive or unhelpful and you aren’t sure what to do about it, then book in.

        At the end of this Workout you will have:

        • Explored the power of praise in changing people’s behavior.
        • Tried out high impact 5 step processes for giving ‘positive’ feedback and for giving ‘improvement’ feedback.
        • Considered what can go wrong when you give feedback (e.g., the other person claims to agree with it but you suspect they don’t really) and what to do when this happens.
        • Agreed on the challenges about giving feedback to people with more power and come up with some tactics to overcome them.
        • Planned how to give great feedback in a particular situation that you can anticipate.

      3. Workout: Courageous Conversations

        Prepare yourself to face difficult conversations with courage and confidence. Discover how to master your emotions and stay in control.

        The Workout: The greatest barrier to any success is fear; of the unknown, of failure or of conflict. In some conversations we can face all these fears at once and finding the courage to start that communication can be testing.
        This Workout takes on the challenge of generating open and honest dialogue. Not only this, but these kinds of conversations can take us to new and unchartered territories. Honesty opens doors.
        These types of conversation are especially important during times of change or following the delivery of (often unwelcome) information.
        By discovering how we can deliver messages in a way that feels positive, we will be less likely to avoid them in the future. And having the conversations is often half the battle. The skills in this Workout will help us and our teams get everything out in the open. From there, we can begin to move towards resolution or solution.

        At the end of this Workout you will have:

        • Discovered the benefits of having these difficult conversations.
        • Recognized the common blocks that get in the way of these conversations, as well as how to overcome them.
        • Become familiar with four different conflict handling tactics.
        • Learnt how to control and regulate your emotions.
        • Become better able to handle other’s behaviour during conflict.

Course Fees

2,400 EGP

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