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Organizational Solutions

organziational solutions

Companies have life cycles, they go through different stages and each stage has different characteristics and culture requisites.
Leading an organization through lifecycle transitions is not an easy job. The same methods that produce success in one stage can create failure in the next.

In-house academies are custom built training solutions that are used to help push the company in the direction it wants to move in.

Trainera’s academies support Companies with the suitable learning track at each level:

  • Foundational Level: Learning that sets the basics and guidelines
  • Developmental Level: Learning that increase the process and skills level
  • Maintenance Level: Learning that insure ongoing sustainability level

And at each level our academies are designed to cover 3 dimensions:

  • Organizational Dimension: Tracks aimed at the strategic OGSM of the organization
  • Performance Dimension: Tracks aimed at the tasks related to job functions
  • Personal Dimension: Tracks aimed at the individual needs

These Academies are built specifically for a company to help support its strategies or their business objectives.

Learning Academies