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Corporate Events

The way people learn has changed significantly over the last decade. The speed and continuity of business change combined with today's rapid work pace have made formal training inappropriate and simply too slow for many people.

We can no longer depend on the traditional learning that takes the form of classroom learning, tends to focus too much on content and is extremely one-way in nature. Traditionally this consists of information being thrown at the learner through non interactive mediums such as PowerPoint, and can also be time consuming.

That is why the world is shifting into learning by experience, the process of Experiential Learning depends on practically engaging learners in an authentic memorable experience that has learning benefits and consequences that will last much longer.

Our Corporate events are an extremely effective learning medium for the following reasons:

  • It is a highly practical way to learn... you don’t learn to drive by reading the car manual or driving manual! No, you practice, practice, practice and use theory to complement the practical elements, with all the consequences and benefits that come with practical learning. Some benefits experienced are:
  • Highly immersive - it allows participants to fully engage in a role (often unfamiliar to their own for realization purposes) and immerse themselves in a practical situation - only then will they achieve authentic understanding and experience real instincts and reactions.
  • Contextual and highly relevant to the client’s needs
  • Dynamic and emotionally engaging - it catches people's interest and is a lot of fun.
  • Memorable - people who participate in experiential learning initiatives find they never forget them or the lessons they learnt.
  • Breaks down silos and demonstrates the benefits of cross organizational communication and teamwork.

We customize every event based on the client’s specific objective, helping you choose the right mix between learning & entertainment, and physical & mental challenges to suit the objective and more importantly your audience. We create THEMES, and pick and choose from a large portfolio of activities and simulations to suit your specific needs.

outdoor events

Maximum Physical challenges, mean maximum fun. We turn any venue into a theme park with carefully picked activities, and a creative theme built around your objective. The participants go through a journey that is guaranteed to create the spark.

indoor events

Used mainly for learning events, or just when not feeling lucky about the weather. Many organizations use events all year long and for multiple purposes like delivering experiential learning to masses, or adding a spark to the monthly induction program.

value based events

Communication departments have spared no effort or physical space in communicating organizational values to employees. They surround employees with catchy designs on walls, screen savers, and elevators hoping to see an impact on their day to day behaviors. Bringing these values to life is another story, and a popular challenge in many organizations. We have developed different solutions when it comes to communicating values, and turning them into actionable behaviors. We have worked with many clients in this area, and our values events have consistently succeeded where screen savers haven’t!

corporate events