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mindgymm:pulse gmbh features a young and fresh approach to learning & development. Online and offline services fueled through a wealth of international experience in a number of industry sectors are at the core of m:pulse. At m:pulse, passion is recreated in workshops for participants to enjoy learning and shaping their skillset. The result is ownership of their learning and easier and faster real-life application. m:pulse experience has shown that by appealing to the three human receptors, mind, body and soul, the senses can be mixed to strengthen the learning impact on the participant. Furthermore, agility in learning and facilitation allows us to increase learners’ confidence, their self-efficacy and ultimately the speed-to-results during and after the learning journey. Agile Learning starts from the inside, from each participant’s experience and common sense - we take it from there and convert it into new approaches and concepts where people feel ownership and motivation to change.

m:pulse approach is quite the opposite of traditional training: m:pulse start with a well thought-through list of activities, entertainment and dynamics that keep learners’ attention. Only then that learning, skills and knowledge are integrated into these activities. This is exactly how classes are designed; exciting, dynamic and experiential. Connecting the participants to their personal interests and their ultimate business goals.

m:pulse have ditched the event-based learning a long time ago and adopted a journey based approach. This approach focuses on the entire improvement process of a person; m:pulse focus on each learner as an individual and don’t leave them alone in the process.