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Drive for life is a proprietary technology based driver training platform that creates safer drivers by focusing on improved decision making. Research has shown that 80% of most collisions is due to poor decision making. As a result, our training teaches drivers to think before they act. We do this by training drivers from the head down, not from the feet up. We look to enhance driver’s decision-making skills, unlike traditional driving training where focus is solely on controlling the vehicle.


In addition, our “SPOT" program supplements what we do by working on four abilities of the driver, thus creating “thinking drivers” who ultimately reduce collisions and the costs associated to them.

Why Drive For Life? It grants drivers the opportunity to learn and train themselves though a hand held simulation without being at risk on the road. It can be customized according to your needs and environment as well.

Its success rates, efficiency and effectiveness has helped the program become one of the best drivers programs in Canada, where some insurance companies actually give you a discount if you have taken the course.

Try Drive for Life today and feel better about your drivers safety behind the wheel.